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Lisk Landscape Innovations Is Open for Business! If you’ve landed on this page, you’ve probably noticed some things look a bit different. And you’d be right. But don’t panic—because change…... Read Article

Prevent Home Water Damage With EXTERIOR Basement Waterproofing

Most basement waterproofing companies will suggest installing an interior french drain equipped with a sump pump when you start to see water issues arising in the basement.  Although this makes…... Read Article

Downspout Relocation. A Viable Water Drainage Solution

When there is a heavy rain, are you experiencing water pooling up near your downspouts? Chances are, that’s because the majority of the rain water is being channeled & concentrated…... Read Article

Use Organic Lawn Fertilizer… Not Poisonous Synthetics

Besides the chemical aroma wafting through the air, what is the first thing you notice when a lawn fertilization company treats your property?  That little flag at the end of the…... Read Article

Lisk Quick Tips: Using Arborvitae Green Giants As A Subtle Privacy Screening

Sometimes, creating a visual barrier on your property can be a difficult task to tackle.  Should you build a fence?  Perhaps you don’t like the idea of a fence –…... Read Article

A Pertinent Remedy To A Persistent Water Drainage Problem

In this writeup, we’re going to go over “A Pertinent Remedy To A Persistent Water Drainage Problem”.  This client’s property was experiencing water puddling in various areas of their front…... Read Article

Basement Waterproofing NJ: 5 Easy Ways to Waterproof Your Basement

Basement Waterproofing NJ: 5 Easy Ways to Waterproof Your Basement If you own an older home, style=”text-decoration:none;color:#676c6c”>healing odds are you might have a damp or leaky basement – making it…... Read Article

South Jersey Waterproofing – 5 Reasons You Should Waterproof your Basement

As snow melts and storm water drains off around the foundation of your home, excess water begins to soak into the ground, applying pressure to the foundation of your home.…... Read Article

South Jersey Wet Basement – 6 Solutions for a Wet Basement

Not only does a South Jersey Wet Basement feel and smell nasty, it poses a great risk to your home’s value. Left unchecked, basement moisture can ruin floors and walls, encourage…... Read Article

Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas

5 Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas Saving you lots of Time Landscaping is all about improving the appearance of home surroundings. Everyone likes to have a serene and beautiful environment either…... Read Article

How to Install a French Drain

All About French Drains Invented by Henry French in 1859, the purpose of the French drain hasn’t changed much since then. It’s still used to channel water away from buildings…... Read Article

Landscaping Ideas

Bellmawr Park School – Bellmawr, NJ – Landscaping Ideas – Landscaping Ideas – Bellmawr Park School – South Jersey Landscaping We are very proud to announce the completion of the…... Read Article

Winter Gardening Tips

TOP RECOMMENDED WINTER GARDENING TIPS TO FOLLOW A garden is a great addition to a home and most people do not regret planting one in their yard. While it is…... Read Article

Inexpensive Landscaping Ideas

6 Inexpensive Landscaping Ideas on a Tight Budget Landscaping of homes is a way of improving the appearance of the surroundings of the home either for aesthetic value or for…... Read Article

Outdoor Christmas Decorating Ideas

11 Outdoor Christmas Decorating Ideas & Tips Christmas is a magical time and many families have traditions that may reach back many decades. One of the things families love to…... Read Article

Small Backyard Landscaping Ideas

13 Small Backyard Landscaping Ideas That Will Make A Big Difference! Feeling squeezed when you walk out your back door? Sometimes, the owners of small plots of land feel they…... Read Article

The Premiere South Jersey Landscaping Company

Welcome to Lisk Landscape, the premiere South Jersey Landscaping company, where vision and craftsmanship meet stargazing and garden parties. Whether we’re reinventing outdoor spaces,cultivating plantscapes or implementing sustainable ecosystems, we’re…... Read Article