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Stormwater Issues

Stormwater is exactly what it sounds like—water that is the result of a storm. It is the wet result of excessive rainfall or the ice and snow melt that happens each season. Stormwater is not your friend, and you don’t want it anywhere near your home or foundation.

Basement & Crawlspace Moisture & Odor

Foundation Damage

Drainage Solutions

As a homeowner, you probably don’t give much thought to proper yard drainage—at least not until puddles of mud or pools of stormwater start overtaking your lawn.

Grading & Swales

Foundation Repair

Landscape Services

When curb appeal is your goal, Lisk Landscape Innovations is your go-to team. Our experienced landscapers can design your dream landscape project—all while staying within your desired budget. From patio pavers and garden beds to retaining walls and decorative stone dressings (and so much more), you’ll be amazed at how breathtaking your property can truly be when it’s given a little TLC. 

Sod Installation

Landscape Installation

Our Process

Step 1

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Phone Consultation

An initial phone conversation with you helps us better understand your stormwater problem.

Step 2

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On-Site Consulation

To provide you with a more accurate quote, an on-site evaluation is the next step.

Step 3

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Stormwater Plan

We provide you our ideas to best improve your issue(s), including whats needed by your township for approval.

Step 4

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Township & Engineer Coordination

We will work closely with a licensed engineer to provide your township with required surveys and plans.

Step 5

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Project Execution

Once all permits are approved, our team will setup a time frame to start your project.

Our Gallery

Click on our gallery to see the amazing transformations we’ve already accomplished.

Outdated Entranceway ready for a quick Makeover. 3 .. 2 .. 1 🤯
Recently visited this masterpiece from 2 years ago for a planned 2nd Phase ❤️

Is the back of your home a bit outdated and in need of a major renovation? LISK Innovations is a construction management firm specializing in transforming spaces. We collaborate closely with building architects, landscape architects, and engineering firms to bring your vision to life. Need help with an upcoming project? 
Turning that old dirt road into ❤️
What do you normally cook on your outdoor sideburner? With this BEAST, we can just about cook a Bushel of crabs 🦀 in one shot!
Bistro Lighting gives off a different vibe ❤️
Your outdoor space in need of a makeover and not sure where to start? Coming this summer/fall will be an extreme makeover and you don’t want to miss it ❤️
It’s all about the little things. Happy Mother’s Day ❤️
These Boulders are a Game Changer. Massive Sitting area and another location for kids to play, adults to Chill.
Another one 💧 in the Books 📕
Granite Fireplace stone all finished up and ready for Chimney Cap. The rich, earthy tones of the granite add warmth and sophistication to the outdoor space, creating a cozy focal point for gatherings with family and friends.
Stormwater Recharge down at the Beach 💧
Builder: You just need a little bit of Grading to fix that drainage issue. It’ll be a cheap/easy fix–Promise. 

What actually needs to happen 🫢 Always do your homework!
Mysterious Drainage Problem SOLVED. Things are about to get very interesting ..
Ready Set …
Contractor - I can pour that concrete for $5 per square ft

The Result - Epic Fail. 
Water in the basement
Let em Rip 🔥 6,000 watts a piece making it feel nice and toasty under this beauty
Driveway almost completed. Grading next, More Hardscape Features, Boulders, FirePit, Swim Spa, Irrigation, Sod, Plants, Lighting. Still quite a bit to get done 🫶🏼
Recently purchased this home with a flooded backyard caused by a Protected Wetland close by. 

What should I do 😩
Natural cobblestone pavers lend a timeless and classic charm to outdoor spaces, enhancing the visual appeal of driveways, walkways, and patios. Their rustic appearance adds character and elegance that complements various architectural styles. 

What is your favorite type of paver? Comment below. ⬇️
Progress 🫶🏼
A pavilion serves multiple purposes in an outdoor space:

1. Shelter: It provides protection from the elements such as rain, sun, and wind, allowing people to enjoy the outdoors in comfort.

2. Social gathering space: Pavilions often serve as focal points for gatherings, events, or simply relaxation, offering a designated area for socializing and activities.

3. Architectural enhancement: A well-designed pavilion can enhance the aesthetic appeal of the outdoor space, adding visual interest and character.

4. Functional versatility: Pavilions can be adapted for various uses, including dining, recreation, yoga, meditation, or as a workspace, making them highly versatile additions to outdoor areas.

Our Curb Appeal is the Real Deal—Just Ask Our Clients!


  • No more muddy mess thanks to Lisk! It was great working with a team who prides themselves on doing things the right way from estimate to installation. They followed up…

    Chris Piscitello - Cherry Hill, NJ

  • Over the past two years I have had the pleasure of working with Steve, Justin, and their team as they have transformed our outdoor space. From our first consultation, to…

    Dawn & Tom Reilly - Audubon, NJ

  • Lisk did a great job installing the downspouts of our house underground and adding the drainage box to catch water overflowing from the gutter. 

    Amanda Weissman - Voorhees, NJ

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